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It's a Cruel Summer from Florida to Gaza
4th June 2024 • Why Are We Like This? • Why Are We Like This?
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In this jam-packed summer spectacular we have two interviews that tell the story of Florida governmental ineffectiveness and evil, first on the state level and then locally.

First, we welcome back McKenna Schueler (@SheCarriesOn), staff writer for the Orlando Weekly, who shares her recent reporting on Florida’s legislation doing away with local municipalities’ ability to make their own rules around wages and labor conditions. We also explore the enormous hole in equity and justice for workers created by Florida’s lack of a state labor department and the danger that presents as outdoor workers face down what promises to be the most brutal summer in state recorded history. 

Next, stick around for our illuminating conversation with attorney Zohra Khorashi (@thatlawyermomlife) about how her efforts to engage with the City of Doral to pass a ceasefire resolution resulted in what could be a career-defining controversy for Mayor Christi Fraga, and how powerful forces parachuted into the small Miami-Dade municipality to apply pressure and ultimately kill the resolution before it had time to even breathe. If you’re like us and want to see an end to the violence against Palestinians in Gaza, please get engaged with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and Florida Palestine Network.




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