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306: What YOU think about Integrated Music Teaching
25th November 2022 • The TopCast: The Official Music Teachers' Podcast • Tim Topham
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In today's episode, I’m going share some of the feedback that we've been getting from all of you about the Integrated Music Teaching model that we've been sharing from episode number 300. I am also going to share integrated music teaching ideas from Mike Grande on rhythm and Dr. Anita Collins on Just in Time Learning. It’s quite a different episode today, but I’m sure you’ll get a lot of lessons from it.
  • Janna's feedback on the integrated music teaching model.
  • Jeff's shares what he thinks about the change of focus in the podcast.
  • What integrated music teaching means to Mike Grande.
  • Laura's feedback on the emotional importance of creative activities.
  • Linda shared her interest in the Integrated Music Teaching Certification.
  • Two short excerpts from Dr. Anita Collins on the integrated music teaching model.

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