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1: Naturopathy, Plant Medicine, and Cannabis Education with Dr. Jamila Owens-Todd
Episode 130th September 2022 • Plants Saved My Life • Entheo Wellness - Plants Saved My life
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1: Naturopathy, Plant Medicine, and Cannabis Education with Dr. Jamila Owens-Todd

Plants Saved My Life

On this episode of Plants Saved My Life, we are joined by Naturopathic Doctor Jamila Owens-Todd. Join us as we discuss naturopathy, medical cannabis (both THC and CBD), and the importance of a thorough education in plant medicine.

Jamila Owens-Todd, is a Naturopathic Doctor who has dedicated her life to supporting those in their healing. A Naturopathic Doctor is a teacher first, and Jamila has pledged to educate and provide insight into regaining your innate healing power. Jamila maintains a strong commitment to science in her practice, as well as to the greater community. Jamila serves on the Advisory Board for the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association (MOCANN) in addition to being a board member on JAINE, a Women In Cannabis-focused organization. Jamila has presented on a global stage on topics such as Neuroplasticity and Neurological health, The Endocannabinoid System and Neuroprotective Plants, The Treatment of Breast Cancer with Cannabis, and overall Medical Cannabis science. Jamila is committed to using science, in order to provide practical, reliable, and accessible therapies to patients. Jamila has held several integral and executive roles in Research & Development, dispensary management, and higher education teaching Cannabis Science.

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Plants Saved My Life is a weekly podcast blending education, scientific research, compassion, and storytelling. Featuring real stories from patients who have overcome chronic conditions with the help of plant medicine and specialized medical practitioners, therapists, shamans, and other neotraditional healers exploring non-pharmacological means of medical intervention. Join us weekly for fascinating conversations with people whose lives were saved by plants. Let's demystify and destigmatize entheogens, naturopathy, plant-based medicines, holistic therapies, psychedelics, and functional nutrition. Join us as we pay homage to the plants and fungi we owe our health and happiness.

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