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The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place - tridocpodcast EPISODE 59, 12th February 2021
Episode 59: Continuous glucose monitoring/Jason Friedman-ultrarunner

Episode 59: Continuous glucose monitoring/Jason Friedman-ultrarunner

In this episode:

More data is more better right? Maybe, and then again, maybe not. Just because you can measure something doesn't necessarily mean that you should or that knowing that measurement is necessarily helpful or beneficial to performance. In this episode I review the evidence and discuss the physiology on continuous glucose monitoring. Is this a metric that can be helpful in informing training, racing or recovery? Also, an interview with accomplished ultra runner and producer of the Pain Cave podcast, Jason Friedman. Jason gives some insights on what it takes to start in the sport of ultra running and what it takes to succeed.


[05:39]- Continuous glucose monitoring

[15:39]- Jason Friedman


Jason's website: https://www.gunksrunner.com

Pain Cave podcast: https://www.gunksrunner.com/paincave

Jason's coaching site: https://boundless10200.com/bios