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Use This 4 Word Title "Trick" To Attract Ideal Buyers to Your Podcast Organically
Episode 1716th April 2021 • Podcast Domination Show • Luis Diaz
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PDS #171

Few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a client and before we could get any further than "hello" he told me how many downloads his current podcasts had so far. (hitting 20k a month)

More importantly he's used as a massive cold lead to client conversion tool.

And....after some further discussion he reminded me about a HUGE tip that you can use if you're trying to decide on how to come up with a name for your show.

I wasn't planning on recording this but I figured this could help someone in launch mode.

If you want me to show you how to launch your podcast in 14 days without creating new content, and yes walk you through how you to use it to get in front of more clients then check out the link below.


14-Day Rapid Podcast Launch Workshop

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