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155: Introducing new hosts: Juliana Finch and Mara Thomas
Episode 15518th May 2022 • Artist Soapbox * Audio fiction + Creative Process • Tamara Kissane
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Hey friends,

It’s Tamara here. I hope you enjoyed the previous episode introducing 2 of our new guest hosts: Lormarev Jones and Griffin James.

I’m back once more before I had the mic over, to introduce two more guest hosts this season: Juliana Finch and Mara Thomas.

Yes, if you’ve been a long time listener of Artist Soapbox, then you will likely know Juliana and Mara. 

Of course you can also read their bios on our updated and very awesome Artist Soapbox website, in the meantime, here are some bits and bobs about these two wonderful humans: 

Juliana Finch has spent almost two decades writing and performing songs and getting up to various theater- and film- adjacent shenanigans. She has released five albums, performed at music festivals and venues all over the country, and loves having Durham as her home base. She is on the writing team for Artist Soapbox's Jesus Pancake and can be heard as a voice actor in Crocodile Twins and in several other audio dramas. Juliana also wrote the Artist Soapbox theme song that you are enjoying so much in this episode, and she suggested that we call some of our merch Artist Soapsox – I mean, we do have socks in the ASBX store. Artist Soapsox, makes me laugh.

Mara Thomas has been following their curiosity down many different paths for the past 20 years. In that time, they have been a musician, actor, voiceover artist, creativity coach, and playwright. Mara's original plays have been performed in the Triangle and NYC and they have held creative writing residencies in Hudson, NY and Martha's Vineyard. Along with their creative pursuits, Mara is a somatic therapist in private practice in Durham. Mara has written over 2 dozen blog posts on the Artist Soapbox website, been interviewed as a guest, been an interviewer, released 2 solo episodes, and voice acted in one of the Declaration of Love episodes. Like Juliana, they are on the Jesus Pancake writing team. Mara is undeniably an ASBX rock star.

In this episode, you’ll hear these two friends introduce themselves and each other. You’ll get a sense of their style and vibe, and what they’ll be focusing on in their individual episodes this Season.

Just like Lormarev and Griffin, Juliana and Mara are two of my favorite people. I know you will love them too. I’m so grateful that they have agreed to step in as hosts. 

Enjoy this episode.



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