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Managing the Day With a Child With a Rare Disease
Episode 722nd May 2020 • Raising Rare • Raising Rare
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“This is a marathon. If we run a marathon like a sprint, we will be burnt out in the first mile.” Sanath

When Sanath and Ramya learned of Raghav’s diagnosis, life became very busy. They found ways to organize and focus on their work to find a treatment and on their careers. They learned how to manage the stress.

“Too many things came at the same time. Sanath and I could not have a conversation about anything. We would talk two lines and then my mental capacity would be full. I can’t hear anymore. I am not able to process this.” Ramya

In this episode, we discuss some of their biggest fears and a few dreams they have for Raghav.

Music and Sound Design by Jacob Tompkins

Graphics by Ramya Ramaswamy