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Dealing With Covid Overwhelm
12th October 2020 • The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry • Todd Henry
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Have we worn out the phrase “unprecedented times” yet? OK, let’s just say that we are continuing to wrestle with the uncertainty of our systems, our expectations, our relationships, our team dynamics, and even the edges of our workdays. In addition to the overwhelming loss of those who have succmbed to the virus, another major thing that has been taken from us is a sense of rhythm. We are wired for rhythm, and without it we are less focused, productive, and engaged.

On this episode, we share three core principles for dealing with Covid overwhelm:

Understand and use your natural motivaiton to overcome overwhelm. Discover your unique motivations and bring those to what you do every day instead of waiting for your circumstances to inspire you.

Gave clear edges and set buffers. Define the beginning and end of your work day, and establish breaks in the midst of the day so that your obligations don’t stack up.

Mind your dailies. Have routines and practices that keep you grounded. Feed your mind, work your body, and feed your soul every day.

We are wired for rhythm and Covid has stolen it. On this episode, you’ll learn some strategies for taking it back.

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