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The Imperfect Pod - The Imperfect Pod EPISODE 35, 22nd July 2020
35. How the Porn Industry and Sex Can Affect Men and Masculinity with Erik Everhard
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35. How the Porn Industry and Sex Can Affect Men and Masculinity with Erik Everhard

Porn is such an uncomfortable conversation with so many people for so many reasons. Some of those reasons include: shame of performance anxiety; shame about sex or past sexual experiences; meeting the standards we believe society had set; penis size; shame of an addiction; fear of judgement; and much much more.

But is porn all that bad? Can we take anything away from actors who have lived that life? Can you have sexual intimacy in a relationship while being a porn star as your profession? Do porn stars think that everyone should be watching porn?

This episode is a mix of questions I was curious about asking Erik, as well as some very critical questions and perspectives around this being a job, sexual mastery, and porn as being a negative influence on young men. This had always been a conversation I’ve wanted to have since starting the podcast. I think sex and porn really do have a much larger impact on manhood and masculinity and sexual performance than we think.

About Erik: Erik Everhard is one of world’s top male porn stars, having starred in and directed over 3,000 films. Erik is a professional coach and one of the most decorated adult performers of the 21st century. He is a leading authority on sexual and mental techniques which can empower men and bring them success in the bedroom as well as in all other aspects of their lives. In addition to his wealth of practical knowledge, he holds a Masters level certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). You can find out more about Erik through his website where you can pre-order his book, join his Facebook page, and more! And make sure to follow him on Instagram @erikeverhardofficial and on Twitter @ERIK_EVERHARD