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Why media coverage can help your pet business
Episode 122nd March 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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In this introductory episode I explain what publicity is and how it can help your pet business.

I explain the following:

What publicity is.

The different places you can get publicity.

How you can go about getting publicity.

Success stories from pet entrepreneurs who have have media coverage and how it has helped their businesses.

Here is a breakdown of the areas covered:

1.37 - Introduction to me and my experience as a journalist for national media in the UK and a pet blogger at

2.25 - How getting media coverage for your pet business isn't out of your reach. There is a HUGE market for stories about pets.

3.45 - Pitching to the media isn't something you have to do every day, but fits perfectly into your marketing mix.

5.07 - How publicity will increase your visibility.

10.42 - How media coverage can position you as an expert.

14.00 - What happens when you're one of several recommendations and you're the one with media coverage.

15.10 - Standing out from the crowd.

17.14 - How publicity works for your business 24/7.

20.00 - Building credibility in you and your brand offline.

23.00 - Putting yourself forward for media coverage is being vulnerable and can be scary but once you have done it once it will build your confidence.

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