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Benchmark Yourself
Episode 12526th July 2016 • The Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle • Jonathan Doyle
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This week it’s all about a couple of great quotes that really impacted me over the last week. One is from James Schramko who you can find out about HERE and the second is from Sophie Scott whom you can find out about HERE It’s a podcast about how you can benchmark yourself and also how you can use higher values to create the changes in your life you really desire. I start by exploring the importance of benchmarking yourself against yourself rather than setting up unrealistic expectations based upon what other people are doing. Sophie then helps us understand that if you really want to change some key behaviours then it’s all about connecting to higher values rather than relying on willpower or pure effort. I also share a couple of great quotes from Tony Robbins that I heard this morning as I watched his interview with Maria Forleo. Today, as I recorded the podcast I was struck by the simple truth that people who build lives that they love and lives that help others have learned how to manage their psychology in simple but incredibly powerful ways. We all need to stop being victims to our thought processes [...]

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