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Episode 24 - Dr. Ravi Rajaratnam - The importance of the brain
Episode 2417th March 2023 • Bringing Education Home • Vibrant Family Education
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Episode 24 - Dr. Ravi Rajaratnam - The importance of the brain

Dr. Ravi Rajaratnam

Besides coaching individuals to achieve sustained breakthrough performance without burnout, Dr. Ravi is also actively involved in community service focused on helping the homeless, mentoring transitioning special forces veterans into their second career, and supporting youth education and well-being in rural areas locally and internationally His recently published book – Hardwiring vs. Rewiring: Shaping the Mindset, Skillset, and Behaviors During Early Childhood Development is aimed at helping understand the importance of proper cognitive wiring in early childhood and a pre-cursor resource to all those that are currently in their cognitive rewiring process to overcome their limitations.

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