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Mike Michalowicz | How to find and deliver your purpose as a professional speaker
Episode 2429th May 2020 • Podfluence • John Ball
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A chat with best-selling business author and business speaker Mike Michalowicz about presenting authentically, podcasting and having a driving purpose.

If you don't know who Mike Michalowicz is, it could be that you don't read many business books. If you do, and you still don't know, allow me to introduce one of the best business authors and speakers of recent times, whose books I have been recommending to my business owner clients for some time now.

I was first introduced to Mike's work with his book 'Clockwork', which is a very helpful book on how to automate your business so that you no longer need to be there. Then I read Profit First right after and realised this was a great money management system for business.

Now, in a time of major business uncertainty, comes Mike's new book 'Fix This Next' where he helps business owners get clear about what is important for them to be dedicating time to and how to prioritise for results.

Mike is a prolific podcaster and a great speaker and so I wanted to make sure I got some insights and tips from him.

I know you're going to love this episode. Make sure to check out Mike's new book and enjoy some of his free resources online here...

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