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Be part of the Yin Crowd! All things Yin & Yang in Yoga and in life, with Gabe. Visiting Yogi and Holistic Wellness Expert from Thailand.
Episode 168th April 2020 • You Lost Me at Namaste • Michelle Schoenfeld
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This is a jam packed podcast of wellbeing goodness with my guest, International Wellness Expert, Gabe. Yes, just “Gabe”, like Madonna...or Buddha. In this episode, be captivated as Gabe breaks down YIN vs YANG, what they really mean, and how it relates to yoga and life in one of the most entertaining and easy to understand ways you will ever hear. Learn why Yin yoga is anti-aging, restorative and not just beneficial to your physical body but your emotional health as well. Hear delightful and educational anecdotes from the science behind yoga and its effect on our organs and connective tissue, to the alienation we may feel from the photos of unrealistic yoga contortionists bombarding Instagram. "...leave that for Cirque Du Soleil." he jokes. Yoga should be a no-judgement zone...especially when it comes to self-judgement. After listening to this episode you will feel informed and inspired by his words of kindness and inclusion. Reminding us that we are all connected, and what makes us different is what makes us beautiful. If you like this episode, please subscribe/download and help spread the word by sharing it with your friends and on social media. The more light we can get out into the world, the better it will be.

Favorite guest quotes:

As human beings we are not made to look the same. What makes us different is what we need to celebrate.”

“The contortionist poses of instagram are not realistic….leave that for Cirque du Soleil.{..laughing}” ~when discussing people's feelings of alienation, or self criticism due to social media.. Gabe encourages feelings of personal success, free of self judgement.

We will also mention:

  • Exactly what Yin yoga is and why everyone can do it...and should..
  • Yoga for anti-aging, bone strength and ligaments
  • Eastern vs Western Medicine and how they relate to healing
  • Which organ is responsible for processing memory
  • Why you don’t need a GURU  (hint...everything you need is already inside you.)
  • Osho “Laughter is the language of the Gods.”
  • How the book Siddhartha changed my life
  • Why read the The Little Prince


Gabe's pick today is "GURU" as a reminder that U (you) R (are) U (you) Everything you need is already inside you.


*Namaste: [SHORT] 

 “The Soul [divine] in me, bows to the soul in you.”  A beautiful salutation in the ancient language of sanskrit to say, “I see you.” <3 

Namaste: [LONG]

“There is a place of love and of light, and of love, and of peace. Such a place exists. When you find that place within yourself, and I find that place within myself, then there is only one of us.” 

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You are worthy, you are enough, and you were born to be happy.

~ namaste

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