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A Conversation with Sandra McLemore of TRAVEL MARKETING & MEDIA
Episode 1326th June 2020 • The Wealthy Travel Agent Podcast • Dan Chappelle
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Sandra McLemore is a driving force in travel agent marketing, Her programs have helped over 12,000 travel professionals just like you.

  1. Getting to know Sandra.
  2. Overcoming the limiting belief of "niching down"
  3. Importance of the balance of Sales and Marketing
  4. The ONE Thing - A high converting, three-level marketing funnel.
  5. Mistake most advisors make - 96% start at the bottom.
  6. The absolute necessity of playing the "Dating Game".
  7. "Content is king, consistency is queen!"
  8. How of mentorship and coaching have been instrumental to her success.
  9. Must listen: Three things she wishes she knew then that she knows now.
  10. Sandra's vision of "The Wealthy Travel Agent"

For more information about Sandra and how she can help you, visit:

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