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S.2 Ep.1 - Note Taking
Episode 112th August 2020 • It's going to be all write • NMBU Writing Centre
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We are back for our second season, and just in time for the upcoming autumn semester. Since the semester kick off is right in front of us, we thought we should talk about how we take notes. Notes when reading, notes when attending lectures, and different ways to create and collaborate with notes.

Note taking seems simple, but it involves a complex array of different academic skills: critical and attentive listening, critical reading, purposefully filtering and selecting important ideas, organising and more. We hope that our discussion on note taking for in the classroom and reading gives you some useful ideas to develop your own note taking process.

Season 2 update:

It's Going to be All Write will now be released bi-weekly (once every two weeks). Niklas and Clay are working hard on providing lectures, webinar series, video development and other digital resources for our staff and students. We are still excited and enthusiastic to continue podcasting, so expect to get a full season worth of listening. We are looking forward to it.