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034: Austin McCulloh | Find Your True Self and Live the Life You Want
Episode 349th November 2020 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Austin McCulloh is a serial entrepreneur, as he was the President of Supercorn Tutoring, which taught English to 700+ Chinese children. He is the Principal Consultant of Austin McCulloh Advising, which he hopes to one day become the #1 Human Capital consulting firm in the world.

[00:01 – 02:01] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome the guest, Austin McCulloh.
  • Connect with Austin. See the links below. 

[02:02 – 07:14] Knowledge Acquisition vs. Accessibility

  • Austin shares how he learned to get to where he is right now
  • A world of "Accessibility" rather than "Knowledge Acquisition."
  • Network with people who take action and have the results you want
  • Austin talks about the influencer he learned from and played a significant role in becoming who he is today.

[07:15 – 12:13] Self-Education

  • Are you feeling stuck and having trouble executing your ideas? Here are Austin's tips for you!
  • Share your thought with someone you can trust
  • Have the humility to say what your problems are
  • Have clarity of what your goals are
  • Austin shares his view on the explosion of self-education and where he sees it's going.

[12:14 – 21:57] Austin as a Mastermind

  • What can we expect when we enter your reality?
  • Consistently moving forward
  • Austin talks about the work they do in Austin McCulloh Advising.
  • People have their own way of surprising us. Austin shares stories of the people he helped that surprised him with their results.
  • Austin weighs in on what it takes to create success and pass it along.
  • Reflect on what you really want

[21:58 – 28:15] Closing Segment

  • What are you working on right now that's gonna take place in the next 12 months that really excites you?
  • I want to scale up my business.
  • Austin shares amazing tips and tricks that will help you get in front of the line
  • Take at least 5-15 mins to be shut out of the world and slow down. 
  • Final thoughts

Tweetable Quotes:

"We're in a world not of knowledge acquisition, which of course that helps, but more of a – accessibility. So being able to easily find information that you're looking for." – Austin McCulloh

"You need to have the humility to say what your problems are because if people don't know what your problems are, they're not able to help you." – Austin McCulloh

"We all have tremendous potential; it doesn't matter who it is." – Austin McCulloh

"When you know yourself, that's when you can actually live a life that you want to live." – Austin McCulloh


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You can connect with Austin on LinkedIn or visit his website

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