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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 20, 2nd October 2020
Product Marketing Life | Holly Watson, Sprinklr
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Product Marketing Life | Holly Watson, Sprinklr

Sprinklr's Associate Director of Product Marketing and PMA ambassador Holly Watson talks to us all about product launches, what the process looks like at Sprinklr, how the process varies from product to product, how her product marketing team is arranged, and much more.


"Launches can take a couple of different molds. So I don't think that all launches are the same. And even the term launches can be necessary to clarify, as you're starting projects, for Sprinklr when we think about launches, a lot of the time a launch is going to be referring to more or less a net new functionality. Any type of enhancements or add ons to existing products and solutions, we kind of look at those, as the evolution of the project. So launches for us really pertain to net new items, they can range in size."