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Episode 319th April 2023 • Inflection Points • SI Partners
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In this episode of Inflection Points, Joe talks with guest Bruno Guicardi, President and co-founder of CI&T.

Bruno co-founded CI&T with two partners in Brazil and has grown the business into a global organization with over 7,000 employees working with some of the world's largest companies, like Coca-Cola, AB InBev and Johnson & Johnson. It was listed on the NYSE in 2021.

As the President of CI&T, Bruno has been instrumental in driving the company's growth and expansion. He has led the company's adoption of agile and LEAN methodologies and efforts to embrace emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning.

We discuss:

01:22 Intro: The Genesis of CI&T

07:02 IP1: International ambitions and taking investment

14:35 IP2: Internal systems and process – embedding LEAN methodology

26:44 IP3: Growth units – how to organise a company of 7,000 people

32:00 IP4: Listing a business and the party afterwards

42:15 Outro: What excites Bruno about the next 12 months




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