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Pioneers in IVF - An Interview with Professor Robert Edwards
Episode 310th January 2022 • International IVF Initiative Podcast • The International IVF Initiative
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Welcome to episode 3 of the International IVF Podcast and today we’re sharing a re-mastered piece of history for you, an interview with the late great Bob Edwards which was organised by Thomas Elliott one of our I3 founders who you heard from in Episode 1 and 2 and it is hosted by embryologist Bryan Edwards. We have remastered the interview footage, which was taken from a video and the questions appear on the screen so, in this podcast, you will hear our host Giles Palmer asking them. We hope you enjoy this piece of history. 

What was discussed: 

  • Thomas talks about getting the interview set up and how he made it happen via Dr Kay Elder
  • Bryan shared his experience of going to Duck farm, how when Bob first opened the door to greet him he asked him to come and see the trees and the work he had been doing on his land and how Bryan, suited and booted ended up walking around the farm before sitting down to interview the great man. 
  • Bryan talked about how fascinating Bob was talking about the studies he had been doing on mice and regeneration, how excited Bob was to talk about a hole in a mouses ear growing back without any scar tissue. 
  • Bryan talked about how caring he was towards his wife, a got the impression that Bob was a real family guy as well as a superb scientist. 
  • You can watch the video interview here 





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