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11: See Your Need // Gospel Toolkit 1 (Eric Ludy)
10th May 2019 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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Speaker: Eric Ludy
Series: The Gospel Toolkit
Study: 1 – See Your Need

This is the first installment of Eric Ludy’s series on The Gospel Toolkit in which he will be explaining the 35 activities (a.k.a. tools) intrinsic to the formation of the Gospel Life within a believer. Seeing your need of a Savior is where it all begins. To know your need for God is a gift from heaven. The revelation of spiritual impoverishment may not be a lovely sensation within the human soul, but it can have a lovely effect upon it – for it is this very anguish of soul that can prove the impetus to lead you as an awakened sinner to begin to cry out for a savior from your sinful condition.