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The BackTracker History Show - The Backtracker EPISODE 27, 28th September 2020
Ep27. Circus Killer
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Ep27. Circus Killer

He was a charismatic, attractive young man who was one of the lead performers in a travelling circus but his greed would lead him to the gallows.
Charles Samuel Bartlett was accused of murdering his mother-in-law Mary Lewis in Stapleton, Bristol on 10 September 1836. He shot her in Lippiatts Lane with a pistol at close range in order to recieve her inheritance. But he wasn't going down without a fight!

Hear the extraordinary story of how this man's arrogance led him to the gallows, causing pain to all who knew him.


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The Chronicles of Crime: Or The New Newgate Calendar. Being a ..., Volume 2 By Camden Pelham

Bristol Mercury - Saturday 08 April 1837 (includes picture of Charles Bartlett - very long article with full court events)

Sherborne Mercury - Monday 10 April 1837

Worcester Journal - Thursday 13 April 1837

Leamington Spa Courier - Saturday 22 April 1837