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Episode Four - Percy Bysshe Shelley
Episode 429th May 2020 • The Thunder Mutters • Becky Dellow/Adam Horovitz
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Welcome to the fourth episode of The Thunder Mutters, featuring poems by Shelley, performed by Adam Horovitz, and interspersed with historic tunes researched, arranged and performed by Becky Dellow.

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We’ll be coming back next episode with John Clare’s ‘June’, from The Shepherd’s Calendar, so please come back then and take a listen. There’s also a sneak preview of our forthcoming episode of responses to John Clare by poets and musicians.

The tunes in this week’s episode are taken from various historic printed and handwritten sources and their histories are discussed in the show. They are listed here in order of appearance and an image of one of the tunes from William Clarke’s manuscript may be of interest too, so is shown on our facebook page The Thunder Mutters. Becky’s references are listed below.


Queen Mab, Young Jane [aka The Gallant Hussar], Lark in the Clear Air, Love For Ever, In the Fields of Frost and Snow, Drive the Cold Winter Away, Bob and Joan, King George 3rd’s Minuet, When the King Came o’er the Water, Young Jane.

The Thunder Mutters’ theme tune is The Gardengate


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