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Geopats NaPodPoMo - Stephanie Fuccio EPISODE 57, 27th November 2020
Day 27: Musical Storyteller, Damon Castillo
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Day 27: Musical Storyteller, Damon Castillo

Today we are happily breaking our NaPodPoMo previous guest format for a special interview. I had the extreme pleasure of chatting with Damon Castillo for this episode. Yes, THE Damon Castillo of the Mess of Me album that we've been using for the past 2 years in all of the Geopats Podcast Network shows. We talk about the longevity of the Damon Castillo Band, his geopatness, my favorite song on the Mess of Me Album (Saint Cecilia), his recording studio in San Luis Obispo, what music he listens to and some creative struggles. Thank you Damon for taking the time to come on the podcast AND for letting us use these tunes for the network.

More info: https://www.stephfuccio.com/napodpomo/57


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