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Ep 108. #ENDSARS with @exprezioni
22nd October 2020 • Travel N Sh!t Podcast • dCarrie
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This week I have Nigerian born DJ Daré discuss what the #ENDSARS movement is about and why the youth of Nigeria are fed up and risking their lives to protest the brutality they’ve been facing at the hands of law enforcement officers of the “Special Anti Robbery Squad”. Daré discusses his first hand experience with corrupt police in Nigeria, why you should care and how you can help. Not only as a traveler, but as someone who has the internet, y’all, the world is your community. Let’s all do our part to love on each other. Daré and Nigerians across the world are asking that we LISTEN and SHARE their message.  For now, that’s it.  It’s free and if you’re here, you have wifi or data. Use some of it to share their stories. Here’s a start to how you can help: Be social! Guest: Deré Http:// Host:    
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