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E166 | How Metronomics can Help Grow your Business with Shannon Byrne Susko
Episode 16619th October 2021 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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If you’re wondering if there’s a silver bullet to help you grow your company and get you there with speed, ease and confidence, then don’t miss Shannon Byrne Susko discussing her latest book, Metronomics, in this episode. 

Shannon is a CEO and leadership team coach, bestselling business author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and corporate director. She has distilled her extensive knowledge gained over 25 years at the helm of various companies, and coaching clients, into her new book Metronomics, a definitive How To guide to take your CEO and leadership team on a very prescriptive journey. 

Metronomics is the silver bullet your organisation has been looking for. Shannon’s book takes you on a journey, it guides you to where you want to go, asks what’s the goal, and shows you why the one thing people need to do - define purpose, core values and their culture - is the one thing they never want to do. 

In this episode, Shannon discusses her 3HAG system, why she wrote Metronomics, how Metronomics will help high performing teams win their business Olympics, why businesses need a playbook, the Coach Cascade System, and why key function flow map (KFFM) is essential to business growth.

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On today’s podcast:

  • The 3HAG system
  • Why businesses need Metronomics
  • Using Metronomics as a playbook
  • The hardest part of the system
  • Key function flow map (KFFM)






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