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Divine Feminine CEO - The Uncorporette EPISODE 29, 7th September 2021
Meet the MotherChange Types: Shadow, Phoenix, Legacy & Power
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Meet the MotherChange Types: Shadow, Phoenix, Legacy & Power

Pregnancy and motherhood changes us all...but not always in the same way. So how did it change you, and what does that MEAN for you now?

Whether you had your baby yesterday, or 20 years ago, the way you "initiated" to motherhood has a profound impact on how you uniquely live a successful life. The way you care for yourself, the places you'll find fulfillment, and the challenges you'll face.

In this episode, I'll share:

  • Why I created the quiz
  • The 4 MotherChange types
  • What understanding your type can actually DO for you
  • Why Shadow Mothers need to be seen
  • The real reason Phoenix Mothers often start a business
  • The hidden support Legacy Mothers give us
  • How Power Mothers seemingly "do it all"

Have you taken the MotherChange quiz yet? If not, check it out now at motherchangequiz.com!

Curious about what "type" the women in your life are? Send them the quiz! You can also join my free Facebook community to get to know other women who have your MotherChange type!