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5 Things to Know about the Future of Supply Chain
Episode 11678th September 2023 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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As the world becomes more complex, global supply chains must keep pace. New complexities layer over old, and if the supply ecosystem is not carefully and strategically managed, it can become unstable to the point of collapse. For that reason, supply chain professionals should always be looking to the future, anticipating what is next and building a foundation strong enough to grow.

Hannah Kain is the President and CEO of ALOM, a global supply chain, contract packaging and fulfillment company. She is also a writer, speaker, and graduate level educator who has seen a lot of change during her time in supply chain, most especially the growing adversity to risk.

In this episode, Hannah returns to Supply Chain Now to join co-hosts Scott Luton and Greg White for a conversation about the future of supply chain:

- Why companies that plan to include nearsourcing need to start investing in local infrastructure well in advance of expecting to meet demand that way

- How supply chain technology has improved, and why it still has further to go

- The enormous impact that the supply chain profession can have around ESG and why that comes with a great responsibility

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