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What Private Equity (PE) Investors want from Marketing Leaders
Episode 730th January 2020 • The Get: Finding And Keeping The Best Marketing Leaders in B2B SaaS • Erica Seidel
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Prital Kadakia leads the Growth team at Serent Capital, helping portfolio companies to scale up, drive results, and find the right leadership talent. As a sales and marketing expert at a PE firm, Prital’s work with portfolio companies spans sales force effectiveness, pricing, operational efficiencies, strategic partnerships, strategy development, procurement, and digital marketing.

In this episode, we talk about how PE investors work side by side with portfolio companies, including how they look for the ideal marketing talent, what they expect the CEO and CMO to know about growth marketing, and how to navigate the challenges of hypergrowth.

Here are our top themes and takeaways from the conversation:

1.Things for CEOs to think about when finding the right marketing leader

● Context in which the marketing leaders were successful in earlier roles

● Ability to own the bookings and results (something which is not core to every marketer’s DNA, but is a crucial flag for PE investors, who are focused on close alignment between marketing and sales), ability to forecast into the future - most B2B tech companies have long sales cycles, so focusing on the right metrics that will have a material impact in 6/12/18 months is crucial

2. Common pitfalls for CEOs to avoid as they search for their marketing leader

● Not having clarity about what you want

● Hiring a CMO when a VP of Marketing would be more aligned to the stage and pattern of growth

3. Tips for marketing leadership candidates: what to keep in mind if you are a potential CMO being interviewed with someone from the PE investor side for your dream B2B SaaS job! (Hint: know thy investor, and thy ROI!)

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