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Add Massive Value with Roth Solo 401(k)
Episode 415th September 2022 • CPA Accelerator Podcast • Greg Shepard
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In this episode of CPA Accelerator, Greg Shepard shares with you a great way to add massive value to your client.

This episode will probably resonate more with your small business owner clients. Does your client make too much money to contribute to a Roth IRA? Are they the only employee of their company (maybe spouse on payroll)?

If so, you must listen to this episode and familiarize yourself with the Roth Solo 401(k).

Listen as Greg shares with you the benefits of this type of account and why your small business owner client should thank you 10x over once he / she finds out they CAN contribute to that Roth account.

Greg talks you through a real-life scenario for one of his clients and how she benefited from the Roth Solo 401(k).

Greg believes in this type of account so much that he, himself, is in the process of changing from a SEP to a Solo 401(k).

As a CPA Planner, this 20min episode will help educate you on having those more meaningful conversations.....rather than saying, "that's not really my area."

Remember, the more proactive, holistic solutions you bring to your clients....the more they tend to refer you!