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It Does Exist-The Relationship You Deserve w/Diane Schroeder & Josh Humphreys -35
Episode 3514th February 2023 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Today we get a bonus of two episodes in one.

We open with an individual conversation getting to know Diane; a powerhouse with lots of wisdom on the path to authenticity.

We then get a chance to see another side of Diane when we get to chat with her and her partner Josh. The conversation is full of depth and touches on some of what brought them together and their perspectives on what makes their relationship work. At one point when Josh speaks of their ‘bedrock love’ I think anyone listening will either resonate with having it or knowing that is the level of connection and support they have been missing and searching for in a relationship. Josh and Diane don’t hesitate to share hard truths, but the feeling and understanding you’ll walk away with is that you do deserve a relationship that accepts you as you are and it is possible. They also give you guideposts and thoughts as how to put yourself in the right mindset; make the intentions, and do the work to make it possible. 

There is much to Diane Schroeder, MA, EFO; she is a national speaker, writer, and podcast host who focuses on helping leaders understand and appreciate the value of self-care. As a leader in the male-dominated fire service for over 20 years, Diane knows that practicing self-care enables leaders to find their authentic style, have a work-life balance, and increase productivity. Authentic leaders create healthy, inclusive, and diverse work cultures of belonging. With a master's degree in organizational leadership, Diane combines her wisdom with data to guide leaders down the self-care path. She shares her wisdom with her community through email and her weekly podcast, The Fire Inside Her ( Diane speaks around the country, is a TEDx speaker, and is currently working on a book about leadership.

We chatted with her some about why self-care is important in leadership and learned more about the first season of her podcast. Fortunately, her episodes are launching weekly, so you will have an opportunity to get to know her and benefit from her wisdom. As she notes, she is also a national speaker if your organization is looking for someone and her words resonate!

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