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Working for Waders - Part 2
Episode 810th January 2023 • Thrill Of The Hill • Farm Advisory Service
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Thrill of the Hill is back! Season 3 #8 – Working for Waders Part II. In this episode we hear from returning guest, Working for Wader's Patrick Laurie, joined this time round by RSPB's Stephen Field, about the importance of our national priority ground nesting wading birds, life through a lense, the importance of predator control and promoting landscape scale conservation efforts.

Increasingly recognised for their conservation importance, Scotland's waders are under threat from all sides. Intensification of agriculture has played its part, yes but looming threats of habitat loss to forestry and destruction of nests and eggs from predators also places immense pressure on the species group. The podcast also sets out the need for data to inform decision making and how looking at small samples can skewed view of what is a more complicated story overall.

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