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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 96, 10th October 2019
How to Grow, Scale, and Dominate Your Podcast like Marcus Watts
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How to Grow, Scale, and Dominate Your Podcast like Marcus Watts

PDS #96

Wouldn’t you like to know the key ingredient to success? In this episode, Marcus Watts tells me the secret is that you have to understand the GAME. 

Marcus is a former professional basketball player turned lifestyle and fitness guru. He is also the creator of The Vegan Transition and host of an upcoming podcast, The Success Bias. We will be discussing the nitty-gritty aspects of how you can develop your online presence. Join Marcus and I as we delve into guerilla marketing tactics, the gym business, and the Dream 100.


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In this episode:

  • Getting started: Why you need to gather a team together to help you with what you initially don’t know
  • The secret to using templates to maximize your time
  • The DREAM 100 – why you need to make a list of 100 influencers you’d most like to get next to 
  • Why making a schedule is important (hint: everything moves like clockwork)
  • How to watch, take notes, and learn from different types of influencers to determine the best content
  • How to ensure you’re putting your content on the proper platforms where people can digest it
  • Tips on how people can absorb your brand
  • BONUS – Secrets for gaining tons of followers



Resources Mentioned in this Episode




Casey Neistat - YouTube

Gary Vee - YouTube

Eric Thomas - YouTube

Lewis Howes - Podcast

Joe Rogan - Podcast

Russell Brunson

Men's Health website

OnlineJobs website

The Feed



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