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Episode 329 – Really Debating Cameron Frye’s Day Off
19th July 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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We are back for Part Two with Michael Petrow from the Reel Debaters. And we have more Versus for you all.

(0:36) Turn Down That Damn Music – Are you the curmudgeonly old neighbor or the trendy hipster? Which side of the fence are YOU on?

(15:20) How Many Pillows: Many Pillows on the bed VS one pillow on the bed. Which side of the bed are YOU on?

(24:20) Mellow Yellow: Butter VS Margarine, how do YOU “butter” up your food?

(35:04) Bueller? Who is the better character from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Ferris or Cameron? We talk character, morals, spin-offs and sequels (think Karate Kid and Cobra Kai or was that Fight Club?)

(58:23) Podcast Introductions. Manitoba Moneyshot Podcast is a home-grown best of Manitoba Podcast. In this segment we read out, in our best impersonations he shows tagline. (1:00:33) Todd’s moneyshot, (1:01:22) Michael’s moneyshot, and (1:01:57) Sean’s moneyshot.

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You can listen to Michael’s The Reel Debaters here:

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