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The Maya Conspiracy - with Ancient Maya History
Episode 6213th May 2024 • Digging Up Ancient Aliens • Fredrik Trusohamn
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In this episode, I will examine different Maya conspiracies found in Ancient Alien mythology with the help of Dimitris and Marie, the brains behind the Ancient Maya History Instagram account. Is there any truth to Palenque being depicted flying a spaceship? Are blood rituals a misunderstanding of how the alien communicates with humans? Is the Olmec evidence of alien travelers in Mesoamerica? As you might suspect, the answer is no, but tune in to hear the real history behind these claims.

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In "Digging Up Ancient Aliens," we explore the fascinating intersections of alternative history, archaeology, and the claims surrounding ancient alien theories in popular media. I'm your host, Fredrik, guiding you through the world of pseudo-archaeology.

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