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Is Value4Value Dead?
Episode 149th July 2024 • In & Around Podcasting • Mark Asquith, Danny Brown & Friends
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It was recently announced that Alby, one of the most popular streaming sats platforms for podcasters when using Value4Value (V4V), is no longer offering new accounts to people in the US.

Does this news mean a major roadblock to growth and adoption of V4V, or just part of a new medium's growing pains? And what alternatives do podcasters have?

Join Mark and Danny and guest co-host Mathew Passy as they share their thoughts on where we are and what the future holds for the V4V approach to creator support.

Our guest co-host this week is Mathew Passy

Long time podcast producer and consultant, now trying to solve as many other problems as I can for podcasters via Custom Podcast Solutions!

Mathew's Website

Mathew's Facebook page

@mathewpassy on Instagram

@mathewpassy on Twitter

Mathew on YouTube

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