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Manufacturing Masters: Training and Development Trends with Darrin Mitchell
Episode 214th March 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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Darrin Mitchell has spent the last 25 years owning a global manufacturing business. After the business was sold, he recognized the frustration of always searching for guidance and excellence in growing his business. This led him to create the Manufacturing Masters Platform, where listeners can find practical advice and guidance for their leadership roles in the manufacturing industry. This platform aims to provide short, concise, and meaningful content for leaders in the industry.

On this episode of the Manufacturers Network podcast, Lisa Ryan welcomes back Darrin Mitchell, President of Mitchell Industries and Chief Marketing Officer of the Manufacturing Masters platform. Darrin specializes in developing learning platforms that cater to the immediate needs of manufacturing teams, providing them with essential knowledge and advice to move their businesses forward. Manufacturing Masters is a platform with battle-tested industry experts who deliver concise, actionable insights to manufacturers within 5 minutes, addressing specific challenges and sharing best practices.

Darrin reflects on the data collected by the platform, showcasing the key trends in the consumption of information by manufacturers. He emphasizes the importance of meeting manufacturers where they are and providing them with the information they need when they need it. Darrin also provides insightful predictions for 2024, highlighting the expected emphasis on digital transformation and the continuing focus on continuous improvement, people skills, and business leadership.

The conversation also delves into the growing significance of mental health and well-being in the manufacturing industry, emphasizing the need for meaningful employee support and resources. As the podcast ends, Darrin provides contact details for Manufacturing Masters, encouraging listeners to explore the platform for their training and development needs in 2024 and beyond.

This episode offers valuable insights for manufacturers, showcasing the evolving landscape of training and development in the industry and the shifting focus on important issues such as mental health and digital transformation.