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PTSD and Post Traumatic Growth - Taryn Greene
Episode 153rd December 2020 • My Niche is Human • Steven Fage
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I always thought you had to be in the military to get PTSD. Clearly, I didn't understand what trauma really is...

But PTSD, or trauma is so much more than being exposed to war. I've often wondered about the idea of "micro-trauma"; almost getting hit by a car, losing a job, being betrayed by a loved one... anything that causes us to question our reality in an instant. How do these events change our lives, how does our behavior change, our outlook on ideals like trust, family, and hard work?

If you're just as curious as I am, give this episode a chance. I sit down with my friend Taryn Greene who is currently seeking her PhD in Health Psychology from UNC with a focus on Post Traumatic Growth. This is a very candid interview with some surprises.

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