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The Slow TV Podcast - Tim Prevett EPISODE 6, 30th September 2020
The Great Moose Migration - Part 1 with Björn Lindell
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The Great Moose Migration - Part 1 with Björn Lindell

In this episode, Tim Prevett has a conversation with Björn Lindell, a masters student in Stockholm.

We begin by talking about studying Slow TV, then general conversation about Slow TV, innate sense of time, early film, cognitive loading, media psychology, state of flow. Later in the episode we speak specifically about The Great Moose Migration, comparing and contrasting with Norwegian Slow TV, audience feedback and reception, social media and the transitory communities which spring up online for these events.

Conversation starts at 03:58 after a short introduction

Dedicated discussion of The Moose Migration starts 38:00 (though some specific relevance earlier, too)


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Björn's reflection on the first season of The Great Moose Migration




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Books Mentioned:

Eriksen, T. H. (2001) Tyranny of the Moment - Fast and Slow Time in the Information Age. London, Pluto Press.

Honoré, C. (2004). In Praise of Slowness - Challenging the Cult of Speed. New York, HarperOne.

Part Two of these interviews (link added when uploaded)

Recorded 15th May 2020