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SPECIAL S4: Digital Remittances to Create Economic Opportunities for Women in Nepal
Episode 5 β€’ 8th March 2023 β€’ Capital Musings β€’ UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
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In this second episode of Digital@TheLastMile limited series, we highlight UNCDF's collaboration with IME Pay, a leading mobile wallet provider, to facilitate digital remittances for women in Nepal.

Remittances are a critical component of Nepal's economy. In 2020, IME Pay streamlined its international remittance and mobile wallet services to enable customers to receive international remittance transfers directly into their mobile wallets. In this episode, experts will delve into the benefits of digital remittances, particularly for migrant families and women, and how UNCDF and IME Pay partnered to refine the wallet and drive digital adoption through market scans and transaction data analytics.


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