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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 42, 29th August 2021
Jimi Fritz: Confessions of An Ethical Drug Dealer

Jimi Fritz: Confessions of An Ethical Drug Dealer

S1: E42: Jimi Fritz: Confessions of An Ethical Drug Dealer


The Ethical Drug Dealer, Jimi Fritz, identifies good drugs & bad drugs, the truth about religion, how the Greeks did it right, and everything in between - including his new book - Confessions of An Ethical Drug Dealer: A Psychedelic Travelogue Memoir. WARNING: Humongous vocabulary in this episode.

Special Guest

Jimi Fritz - Author, Musician, travel guru, and ethical drug dealer.

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[02:01-Meet Jimi]

[31:02 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*These are the most complex adjectives I've ever heard in my life

*Greeks got everything right

*The bible is full of brutality

*Critical thinking = truth & kills conspiracy theories (best used with the young)

*50 years of psychedelics may change the way you think

*Psychadelic Research is booming

*Smart drugs (get you into life) & Dumb drugs (get you out)

*Religion as fictional literature

*The secret of a virtuous life

*Worldly people are interesting at parties

*You can't teach an old dog new tricks

*Pressure to be right, not do right

*Filming industry is filmed by committee

*Writing is still the best way to be naked in public

*Let's talk Rave Culture; restores faith in humanity

*Reproduction is our core value

*Boats are big mistakes

*Classifying drugs is important in conversations

*Drug responsibly

*Be authentic & original

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Reference Links

Conviction of an Ethical Drug Dealer (book) https://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Ethical-Drug-Dealer-psychedelic-ebook/dp/B08YNQZ6SV

Jimi’s website https://jimifritz.ca/