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Reopening Healthcare Businesses
Episode 48th June 2020 • Across the Table • McGuireWoods - Alyssa Campbell and Kayla McCann Marty
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As states are relaxing stay-at-home protocols and other Coronavirus-related policies, many businesses are resuming operations. Healthcare providers that shuttered their practices during the pandemic are beginning to receive patients again. And, while the threat of the virus remains, clinics and institutions will need to eventually open not only to care for patients but to avoid significant financial decline.

In this episode of Across the Table, McGuireWoods partners Holly Buckley, Amber Walsh, and Scott Becker provide insight into the critical considerations healthcare providers face as they prepare to reopen.

Amber and Scott provide a thorough list of those considerations – the most significant being the extent to which the county, municipality, or state you’re in has implemented prohibitions on elective procedures. When deciding whether to reopen, these prohibitions should be a key factor in your analysis. The other considerations involve access to PPE supplies, patient population, any government or private relief received, your capability of dynamically updating processes and procedures, and staffing concerns.

The team goes on to explore how you can build patient and staff confidence by implementing systems that demonstrate a commitment to their safety. Amber and Scott discuss the rise of telemedicine and what the new normal may look like for healthcare businesses moving forward.

As the pandemic continues to develop, healthcare providers are working diligently to formulate the best course of action to serve their patients while continuing to ramp up operations safely.

To learn more, email Holly Buckley at, Amber Walsh at, and Scott Becker at

Episode highlights

  • First significant consideration 02:09
  • 8 things to consider 04:23
  • Other factors 10:29
  • Building patient confidence 12:54
  • Rise of telemedicine 14:28
  • Address staffing issues 16:48
  • The new normal for healthcare businesses 20:24
  • Differences across different health specialties 22:31
  • Low-volume high-cost procedures 25:52
  • Healthcare providers are doing the best they can to figure out exactly what makes sense for the present 27:02
  • Update on current stay-at-home and elective procedure orders 27:48
  • How providers are ramping up operations 30:07

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