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200 - 12 Reasons Why Trade Shows are the BEST Marketing Tool
Episode 20020th February 2023 • Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events • Jim Cermak
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If you are not convinced, then please reach out to me!

1.    Connect with & qualify more of your target audience quickly

  • If you’re at the right show!  Only be at shows where your target audience is.
  • Video training

2.    Talk to the same Buyers and Decision Makers as the Big Guys

a.     If you’re a small player in an industry that has some giants, the people who are there to see the giants are walking right past your booth!

b.    And if some major retailers are going to be there walking the show, you may have your best opportunity to get their attention! 

3.    Get into deep meaningful conversations

  • Conversations that lead to appointments and sales!  With target audience and others as well.

4.    Effectively share your story – in multiple ways!  Through sights, sounds, takeaways, and giveaways, QR code

5.    Do up-close competitive research – if you’re there, your competitors probably are too.  Get over to their booth, take pics, grab literature, and look over what they are displaying.  And hey – introduce yourself!  Become a friendly competitor!  Never know where opportunities come from.

6.    Find prospective new vendors and suppliers – Most businesses miss this opportunity. While you’re there, why not see who else is there that can meet your business needs.

7.    Have conversations with Industry Leaders – associations, leading companies, researchers, and more

8.    Learn about Industry Trends – there is typically a breakout session talking about trends.  And if you don’t see one, find an industry leader to talk to about what is happening!  Don’t miss this!  Can help you craft your next product, service, or offer.

9.    Learn new skills to Improve Your Company – there are typically breakout sessions, seminars, and workshops.  And if you’re in an industry that needs CEU credits, may be able to find those as well.

10. Build deeper relationships through social opportunities – networking sessions, dinners, drinks, breakfasts, and more.  Go for a run!

11. Position your company as Experts and Thought Leaders – you know those breakout sessions?  Why not you or your company lead one of those? Get on Stage!! Check with show organizers as soon as you identify the show to see what opportunities are available!

a. Do this early!  As many shows close the window on this several months in advance.

12. Get Press and Media Coverage – last but certainly not least, there are industry journalists at every trade show – even at small ones.  And if you can get their attention by inviting them to your booth ahead of time, or scheduling a time to meet, you can get some amazing press!

a.     I have a fantastic episode that is a Master Class on how to do find the media at trade shows and get PR you can’t get any other way.  My friend Josh Weiss was featured back on episode 61 of TSU.  

Ok – now I hope you are convinced, and if I have your head shaking YES YES YES! Then don’t miss out and leave money on the table.  I help companies maximize their opportunities and ROI at shows by giving a fresh expert perspective.  Because you don’t know what you don’t know!

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