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CPA Accelerator Intro - Why Should You Listen?
Episode 11st August 2022 • CPA Accelerator Podcast • Greg Shepard
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Welcome to the first episode of CPA Accelerator Podcast! In this episode Greg Shepard will share with you the "why?"

Why should you listen?

Why is Greg doing this podcast?

This podcast is great for those CPA planners out there that truly want to improve the experience for their clients.

Greg Shepard is a financial planner in the Kansas City area. Listen as he shares with you the frustration he's had over the years not developing proper business relationships with CPA's.

Why is that?

Greg's goal of this podcast is to bridge the gap between the CPA planner and competent financial advisor. At the same time, bring you education around his "world" to make you a better CPA and help you bring in more revenue by working with competent financial advisors.

Listen as Greg shares a story of what happened to him and how NOT to develop a professional relationship.

This podcast is great for you if you're a CPA Planner (not preparer) looking to take your practice to the next level with education and increased revenue all in the name of doing what's in the best interest of your client.

Listen to future episodes as Greg plans to interview your peers and find out who's doing it right and why others haven't tried developing that relationship with financial advisors.

If you're interested in sharing your story (good or bad), feel free to email Greg at