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Veteran Voices - Supply Chain Now 16th July 2021
Veteran Voices Classic: Profiles in Veteran Leadership: John Tien & Kevin Horgan
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Veteran Voices Classic: Profiles in Veteran Leadership: John Tien & Kevin Horgan

Originally recorded: October 30th, 2019

In this Veteran Voices Classic, host Scott Luton is joined by Lloyd Knight, Director of International Airfreight LMG at UPS Global Forwarding and co-founder and President of Vetlanta, as well as Army veteran, former Managing Director of Citigroup, and current US Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, John Tien, and retired UPS, Marine Corps veteran and VETLANTA board member, Kevin Horgan.

Transitioning from military to civilian life comes with both challenges and opportunities, and both John and Kevin share their advice. Kevin credits his success to his positive attitude, and while he doesn’t call it out, his unbelievable work ethic clearly played a role. John points out that in civilian life, every conversation is an interview of some kind.

In an interview that ranges from heavy to light but is full of engaging stories, Lloyd, John, Kevin and Scott discuss:

– Their favorite military books, movies, historical figures and locations they were stationed

– The fact that the military invented logistics (a long, long time ago) and perfected it in the days and weeks following D-Day in WWII

– Understanding and leveraging the value of translatable skills, unique capabilities that veterans bring to every workplace

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