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The Passionate CEO: How to Build Winning Teams (Richard Rector)
Episode 1724th August 2023 • Dugout CEO with Casey Cavell • Casey Cavell
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On today's episode of The Dugout CEO, we are joined by Richard Rector, the Former CEO of Healthcare Staffing, former chair at Vistage Worldwide, and CEO coach. This episode explores the significance of hiring for attitude and passion and how it impacts team success.

We also discuss the differences between leadership and management and the importance of effective networking in today's business landscape. Join us on this exciting new episode of the Dugout CEO!


  • The importance of teamwork and collaboration
  • Building trust and effective communication
  • Identifying and nurturing talent
  • Applying baseball principles in a business context

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  • Creating a Culture of Ownership: As a business owner, employees are either your biggest asset or biggest frustration; learn how to build a team of A players that get the job done without you.

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