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Lisa Santiago McNeill
Episode 1248th January 2022 • The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast • Michael Whitehouse
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Lisa Santiago McNeill is the coaches coach: coach and publisher. Born in NYC, raised in the Bronx, Lisa lives in Charlotte, NC with her amazing purpose partner and husband, Brian K. McNeill. From beginning to end her story is about PURPOSE. Yours, hers and ours. There is a time and a purpose and a season for everything under the sun. She has experienced life from so many different vantage points and in each age and stage of her life she has decided to move forward and make the BEST out of every situation.

Lisa Santiago McNeill overcome childhood abuse and molestation, being a runaway at 13, dropping out of school at 16, using drugs and being used for her body to go on to a 20 year career at IBM, starting after-school program for children, to finally leave it all, write her book, Discovering Your Why: A Journey to Wholeness and help other women to find their inner strength and power.

She is now a successful 6 figure coach and publisher, having helped over 90 authors tell their stories of overcoming and stand in the power of their truth.

We are not WHAT we are because of our past. We are WHO we are because of it.

FB, IG, LI, YT Lisa Santiago McNeill The Empowerment Duo - M-F 9 AM - live on FB and LI @theempowermentduo

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