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TCP055: Father's Day Special Featuring Al Kimpel
Episode 5514th June 2022 • The Tech Chef, Restaurant, Hospitality and Hotel Technology Business Podcast • Skip Kimpel
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Well, hello strangers and welcome back for another episode of The Tech Chef. This is your host, Skip Kimpel and every week, it is my goal to bring you the latest and greatest restaurant, hotel and hospitality technology insights from thought leaders across these industry segments. I do have to apologize as this is normally a weekly show but there have been so many shows lately that I have had to travel quite extensively which caused me to miss a few weeks in-between. Having said that, we are back on track again with a bunch of new episodes in the can and ready to go.

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I saw many of you at the NRA show and it was so good to see this show come back in such a strong way. The amount of technology that was present was also quite impressive. Unfortunately, out of all the buildings that the show was located, I didn’t really get outside of the Tech Pavillion area.  I know I missed a lot but, then again, I was there for the technology.

Today is a special episode as this Sunday is Father’s day. I am fortunate enough to still be able to pick up the phone and talk my Dad whenever I want and ask him business advice as he had a successful 45 years in the work force and always has great advice for me.

Recently, I was visiting him in Wisconsin and I came up with the idea to bring him on the show to talk about what it was like before technology and the transition into it over those many decades. 

While you are not going to hear ANY hospitality technology talk on this show, my father is a great story teller and he walks us through his career, the patents he received and being an eye witness to the infancy stages of technology as we know it today.  How this show WILL relate to you is we will talk about forward thinking thought leadership, the importance of continuing to learn and educate yourself along the way and, most importantly, how to dress to impress.

If I could only be as accomplished as my Dad when I finish my career. You know how many patents I have? Ah, that would be zero. It still fascinates me about everything he has done in his lifetime being 81 years young!

I can’t wait to share this episode with you as it is near and dear to me but also gives you a good insight into the DNA that makes me who I am today.

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Next Tuesday I have the COO from FlyTrex, Ben Thein, to talk about the revolutionary steps this company is taking to make drone delivery a real thing. Yep, this is the company behind the recent publicity you have seen including El Pollo Loco, Papa Johns, Brinker, Jersey Mikes, Walmart and many more. You all know me, this has been one of my passions for quite some time. I see this as a real possibility in the not so distant future. Companies like FlyTrex are working with the FAA to tweak current drone regulations to allow for a safe, fast and very cool way to get your next delivery.