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Are Podcasters Journalists? Navigating Law & Ethics in Digital Media
21st March 2024 • Legit Podcast Pro • Gordon Firemark
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In this thought-provoking episode of "Legit Podcast Pro," we delve into the increasingly blurred lines between podcasting and journalism. As the digital landscape evolves, the role of podcasters as journalists comes under scrutiny. Are they simply creators sharing stories, or do they hold a deeper responsibility akin to that of traditional journalists?

Join us as we explore the legal definitions, shield laws, and ethical standards that frame this debate. We examine landmark cases, the impact of investigative podcasts, and how the industry's recognition of podcasters is changing the game. This episode is not just a discussion; it's a journey into the heart of digital media's future.

What You'll Discover in This Episode:

  • The evolving legal landscape for podcasters and journalists.
  • How shield laws across the U.S. apply to podcast creators.
  • The role of journalistic ethics in podcasting and the implications for content creators.
  • Examples of podcasts that have made significant impacts and what this means for the definition of journalism.
  • Future considerations for podcasters navigating the complexities of media law and ethics.

Join the Conversation:

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