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Episode 566th April 2022 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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This episode is an interview with Daulton, Shelby, and Carissa. Daulton is a licensed CPA. She has professional experience with taxes, as an accountant for mostly wealthy individuals, and accounting for large corporations. She is here to help us get a more clear picture of money, credit, and the relationship we have with money.

Daulton does us all a great favor. Consider this episode a Credit 101. Shelby shares a frustrating financial experience, and Daulton walks us through what to do if/when we find ourselves in a similar situation. We talk about debt, credit, loans, interest and principle, collections, 401k's and IRA's, and budgets.

Talking money can be very uncomfortable and bring up feelings of overwhelm or fear. Daulton helps us look at this from the same perspective that we are using to heal and grow ourselves to our highest version. She reminds us throughout this conversation to advocate for ourselves. This includes asking the questions we need to in difficult conversations, and knowing our self. We can create the life we desire when it comes to money when we know ourselves and plan for taking care of ourselves today and our future selves.

Daulton has our backs! She shares all the good resources and ideas. Do yourself a favor and check out this app for budgeting, this app for checking your credit, and this document to help you make better decisions about the payments you are making.

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Daulton is ABSOLUTELY a friend of the pod. She has been a guest on our podcast before. You can listen to her in episode 40 and episode 48 and we have a feeling she'll join us again behind the mics. It was a real treat spending time with her in her element. Thank you for listening.



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